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Dew Point Meter | Top Gauge | Elcometer 319

Price: $899.00
SKU: G319----T1

Product Description

This rugged dew point meter is designed to measure and record all relevant climatic parameters required to determine whether the conditions are suitable for painting. The Elcometer 319 dew point meter can be used as a hand-held gauge or a stand alone data logger - ideal for monitoring climatic conditions over a period of time.

With its multi-lingual, large and easy to use illuminated display, users can record climatic parameters and store 25,000 records in up to 999 batches.

There is no need to sift through tables or measure using a dew point calculator. Take advantage of the USB and Bluetooth data output technology, and see how much on-the-job efficiency increases.

  • Integrated magnets allow remote data monitoring on steel substrates
  • Store 25,000 records in up to 999 batches
  • USB and Bluetooth data output to a PC or PDA
  • Dustproof and waterproof gauge with fully sealed sensors (equivalent to IP66)
  • Visual and audible indication of user defined limits against any or all parameters
  • Easy to use, intuitive multi-lingual menu structure
  • A hand-held Dewpoint meter with manual and interval data logging in one gauge
  • Large, customer definable illuminated display operates over the full temperature range
  • Measure and record climatic parameters:
    • Relative humidity
    • Air temperature
    • Surface temperature
    • Dewpoint temperature
    • TΔ (the difference between surface temperature and dewpoint)
    • Dry Bulb temperature
    • Wet Bulb temperature


  • Meets ISO 8502-4
  • Rapid response time
  • Each dew point meter is supplied with a Calibration Certificate
  • Readings are switchable between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Time and date stamp is recorded for each set of readings


  • Easy menu-driven interface in multiple languages
  • Clear, illuminated display showing up to five parameters from:
    • RH: % Relative Humidity
    • Ts: Surface Temperature
    • Ta: Ambient Air Temperature
    • Td: Dewpoint Temperature
    • TΔ: the difference between the Td and Ts
    • Tdb: Dry Bulb Temperature
    • Twb: Wet Bulb Temperature
    • SH: Specific Humidity
  • Arrow indicators show temperature trends


  • The Elcometer 319 dewpoint meter can be used as either a hand-held Dewpoint meter or as a remote data logging monitor*
  • Integrated K-Type connector allows measurement of surface temperature during remote logging
  • Selecting the "Te" mode transforms the dew point meter into a simple thermometer - ideal for measuring a coating's temperature prior to application or other external temperatures (Te)
  • Hold/freeze function allows manual readings to be taken and reviewed before being logged into memory


  • Manufactured from temperature resistant materials ensuring safe use in climates ranging between -20°C (-4°F) and +80°C (+176°F)
  • Waterproof and dust proof rating equivalent to IP66
  • The rugged and ergonomic design extends to include durable industrial sensors ideal for harsh environments
  • The dewpoint meter's clear illuminated display operates over its full temperature range


  • Data can be downloaded to a PC via USB or Bluetooth and evaluated using ElcoMaster 2.0 Software
  • ElcoMaster Software supplied with unique "Watchguard" functionality allowing the user to remotely monitor up to 42 gauges on one screen*
  • Each dewpoint meter can be powered by either 2 AA batteries (for up to 400 hours use) or directly via the USB cable
  • Adjustable limits can be set for each measurement parameter which triggers visual and audible alarms whenever a limit is exceeded - even if it is not displayed on the screen

*Top Model only